Carolyn Moisson


Carolyn Moisson

Carolyn was born in Greenville, IL and graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Services, with a minor in Psychology. Carolyn began working for non-profit agencies serving birth to three years of age children with developmental delays, and their families.

In 1994 Carolyn, along with her husband John and three small children, relocated to the Chicago area to start Jamplast.

While John focused on competing in the plastics arena, as well as the degradable polymers, Carolyn has used her psychology and people skills to develop a top-notch group that provides the unparalleled customer service and accounting services for Jamplast.

Carolyn is very involved in her church as well as several charities in the St. Louis area. She enjoys spending time with her husband and three grown children and their significant others, as well as boating, traveling, and reading.


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