Steve French


Steve French

Steve French was born in Beaverton, Michigan where the innovations of his grandfather and three other plastics pioneers built an industry now known as “The Thermoforming Capital of the World.”

At 13, he began working in extrusion at Kal Plastics, learning from his grandfather Miles Kalahar, an early expert in plastics materials and extrusion. Steve’s father was an extrusion production manager for 40 years. During and after college, Steve pursued his avid interest in purebred cattle, working for several leaders in the industry. By his mid-20’s he felt the pull to come back to plastics.

He was general manager of a local extrusion plant in 1994, buying material from a Dow salesman who had decided to start a resin brokerage. John and Carolyn Moisson, founders of Jamplast, recruited Steve to join them in resin sales because of his experience with materials and manufacturing. Steve quickly took to the fast-paced world of sourcing, buying and selling all types of resins. The Moissons provided him the opportunity to find his true calling in sales, but he is always glad he started in the factory – a comprehensive working knowledge of manufacturing helps him meet his customers’ needs. Steve has a quick mind and easygoing nature, he is resourceful and always focused on delivery to keep the manufacturing process in motion.

Steve has truly mastered the art of multitasking. He and his wife Julie operate Little Cedar Cattle Co., a nationally prominent Shorthorn and Angus cattle ranch in central Michigan, on the outskirts of Beaverton. Working from dawn to dark from his office right on the ranch, Steve feels truly fortunate to be involved every day in both of his passions – plastics and purebred cattle.


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